Welcome to ArteCore, an artisan skateboard brand based in Vila Velha, Espírito Santo.

In our our skate shop, we cut, shape, and design skateboards by hand. Our focus and dedication make it possible to create high-quality and durable cruisers, longboards, and old school shapes that can be used and loved for years to come.

Our Boards

Our mission is to create unique boards that get you to where you’re going in style. The different collections were handcrafted in order to bring you durable boards that will turn heads and remind you of the early days of skateboarding on the boardwalks of California in the 1980s.

Our Story

ArteCore Skateboards started in 2015 as a hobby by artist Julio Cezar, an artist and skater from Minas Gerais who has been living in Espírito Santo since 2014. Julio’s vision was to create a modern, handcrafted version of the boards used by the greats from the early days of skateboarding.